Transportation Items

Name Ingredients Crafting Description
Minecart Iron Ingots Transports players or mobs along a track.
Powered Minecart Furnace+Minecart Pushes other minecarts forward.
Storage Minecart Chest+Minecart Portable storage in a minecart.
Rails Stick+Iron Ingots Path which minecarts travel on.
Powered Rails Stick+Gold Ingots+Redstone Dust Speeds up or slows down minecarts.
Detector Rails Stone Pressure Plate+ Iron Ingots+Redstone Dust Functions like a pressure plate triggered by a minecart.
Boat Wooden Planks Allows for faster water travel.
Activator Rail Iron + Sticks + Redstone Torch Activates TNT Minecarts and Hopper Minecarts. If powered, it will cause a Hopper Minecart to stop taking in items.
Hopper Minecart Hopper + Minecart Picks up blocks from around the cart and chests above the track.
TNT Minecart TNT + Minecart A cart with TNT in it. Will blow up if triggered by an activator rail or hit while moving.