Raw Materials

Icon Name Description Uses

A block found naturally underground in large deposits.

Polished Andesite
Apple Apples can be found in abandoned mine shafts or from destroying tree leaves. Golden Apple

An invisible block that is only available in creative mode. Used to make invisible walls in adventure mode.

Invisible Walls
Bedrock Appears at the bottom of the earth. It is indestructible. None
Blaze Rod Dropped from blazes. Blaze Powder, Brewing Stand
Bone Drops from skeletons when killed. Bone Meal
Brown Mushroom Appears randomly in dark areas throughout the world and the Nether. Mushroom Stew
Cactus Cactus grows on sand mostly in Desert biomes. It damages all characters and mobs that touch it. Cactus Green
Carrot Found in villages and rarely from zombies. Golden Carrot, Carrot on a Stick
Clay Found near sand. There are four clay per clay block. Clay Block, Brick
Clownfish A rare fish found from fishing. Restores half a hunger. Food
Coal Found from Coal Ore. Charcoal, which functions the same as Coal, can be created by smelting wood. Torches, Ore Blocks, Fuel for Powered Minecart and Furnace
Cobblestone Harvested when mining stone. Forms when lava and water meet. Stone, Furnace, Stairs, Slabs, Tools, Sword, Levers, Dispensers, Piston, Cobblestone Walls, Dropper
Cobweb Occurs naturally in Abandoned Mine Shafts. They slow down your movement greatly if you touch them. None
Cocoa Beans They are occasionally found as a reward in dungeon chests. They also grow on jungle trees. Cookies, Brown Wool
Cooked Chicken Restores 3 food points. Food
Cooked Fish Restores 2.5 food points. Food
Cooked Mutton

Cooked from Raw Mutton. Restores 3 food points.

Cooked Porkchop Restores 4 food points. Food
Cooked Rabbit

Cooked from Raw Rabbit. Restores 2.5 food points.

Cooked Salmon Restores 3 hunger. Food
Command Block Runs server commands (like teleporting, time changing) when given a redstone pulse. Click here for a full list information regarding commands. Server commands
Cracked Stone Brick

A decorative block found naturally in Strongholds. It can be made by smelting Stone Bricks.

Dandelion Spawns randomly on dirt blocks. Dandelion Yellow
Diamond Gem Gathered from Diamond Ore (level 16 and below). Tools, Swords, Armor, Diamond Block, Jukebox, Enchantment Table

A block found naturally underground in large deposits.

Polished Diorite
Dirt Harvested from the top layers of the earth. Building material, spawns animals when covered in grass
Egg Laid by chickens at random intervals. Cake
Emerald It is obtained through trading, mining emerald ore or in desert/jungle temple chests. It is the currency used for trading with villagers. Emerald Block
Ender Pearl Dropped by Endermen. Teleports the player when thrown. Eye of Ender
Feather Dropped from chickens. Arrows, Book and Quill
Fire Fire blocks are only obtainable with a /give command or inventory editor. They can be crafted into chainmail armor pieces. Armor
Flint Found occasionally when harvesting gravel. Flint and Steel, Arrows


Many new flowers have been added that can be crafted into dyes. Rose has been renamed Poppy. In order by picture:

  • Red Tulip
  • Orange Tulip
  • White Tulip
  • Pink Tulip
  • Blue Orchid
  • Azure Bluet
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Allium
  • Rose Bush
  • Peony
  • Lilac
  • Sunflower
Ghast Tear Dropped from ghasts. Potions
Glowstone Dust Gathered from Glowstone Blocks in the Nether. Glowstone Block, Potions
Gold Nugget Dropped from zombie pigmen. Gold Ingot, Golden Apple, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot

A block found naturally underground in large deposits.

Polished Granite
Gravel Found underwater, near pits and in the nether. Obeys the effect of gravity. Flint, Building material
Gunpowder Dropped from creepers and ghasts. TNT
Head Currently only the Wither Skeleton head drops naturally, while the others are found in the Creative menu. They are placeable on the ground and wearable. Spawning Wither
Horse Armor Horse armor can be found in 3 types, iron, gold and diamond. They are found in dungeon chests and reduce the amount of damage your horse takes. It has unlimited durability. Armor
Ice Forms when water is exposed to snow. Turns into a Water source block when broken. None
Ink Sac Dropped from squids. Light Gray Dye, Gray Dye, Black Wool
Iron Bars Blocks off an area, similar to fences. Decoration
Lapis Lazuli Dye Gathered from Lapis Lazuli Ore. 4-8 dyes drop per ore. Lapis Lazuli Block, Blue Wool, Cyan Dye, Light Blue Dye, Purple Dye
Leather Dropped from cows and horses. Armor, Book
Melon Block Grown from a central vine. Melon Slices
Melon Slice Restores 1 food point. Food, Melon Seeds, Melon Block
Melon Seeds Used to grow melons. Melons
Milk Gathered from cows by clicking their udder with a bucket. Removes poison and potion effects when used. Cake
Minecart with Command Block A Minecart with a Command Block in it. It will execute commands when it passes over an Activator Rail. Commands
Monster Spawner Spawns monsters around its location. Source of monsters for a mob trap
Music Disc They are occasionally found as a reward in dungeon chests and drop when a skeleton's arrow kills a creeper. Jukebox
Name Tag Name tags are found in dungeon chests and can rename any mob except for the Enderdragon and adult Villagers. The name tag can be used in an anvil to set the name, and then right clicked on a mob to apply the name to the mob. Naming mobs
Netherrack Found in the Nether. It is very fragile and while burn continuously when lit. Nether Bricks
Nether Star Drops from the Wither. Beacon
Nether Quartz Mined from Nether Quartz Ore in the Nether. Quartz Block, Daylight Sensor, Redstone Comparator
Obsidian Appears when water hits a lava source block. Portal to the Nether (4x5 rectangle), Ender Chest, Enchantment Table, Beacon
Packed Ice A darker, less transparent form of ice found naturally in Ice Spikes biomes. It does not form water source blocks when it is broken. None
Podzol A type of Grass that is found in Mega Taiga biomes. It functions similar to Mycelium, but does not spread to adjacent dirt blocks. None
Poppy Spawns randomly on dirt blocks. Formerly named Rose. Rose Red
Potato Found in villages and rarely from zombies. Occasionally when harvesting, a poisonous potato will drop, which gives a poison debuff. Can be cooked to make a Baked Potato. Food, Baked Potato
Prismarine Crystals

An item that drops from Guardians. They are used to make Sea Lanterns.

Sea Lantern
Prismarine Shard

An item that drops from Guardians and Elder Guardians. They are used to make Prismarine blocks.

Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, Sea Lantern
Pufferfish Used to brew Potion of Water Breathing. Can be eaten to restore half a hunger, but will give the player Hunger III and Nausea II for 15 seconds, and Poison IV for 1 minute. Potions, Food
Pumpkin Appears randomly in groups of up to 20. Can be farmed with Pumpkin Seeds. Helm, Jack-O-Lantern
Pumpkin Seeds Used to grow pumpkins. Pumpkins
Rabbit Hide

Drops from Rabbits. It is used to make Leather.

Rabbit's Foot

A rare drop from Rabbits. It is used to make a Potion of Leaping.

Potion of Leaping
Raw Beef Dropped by cows. Restores 2 food points. Steak
Raw Chicken Dropped by chickens. Restores 1 food point, and has a chance to poison you. Cooked Chicken
Raw Fish Obtained by fishing. Restores 1 food points. Cooked Fish
Raw Mutton

Dropped by sheep. Restores 1 food point.

Cooked Mutton
Raw Porkchop Dropped by pigs. Restores 1.5 food points. Cooked Porkchop
Raw Rabbit

Dropped by rabbits. Restores 1.5 food points.

Cooked Rabbit
Raw Salmon Another type of fish found from fishing. Restores one hunger, can be cooked to make Cooked Salmon. Food
Red Mushroom Appears randomly in dark areas throughout the world and the Nether. Mushroom Stew
Red Sand A variant of Sand found in Mesa biomes. It functions the same as sand but cannot be made into Sandstone. None
Redstone Dust Gathered from Redstone Ore. 4-5 dusts drop per ore. Redstone circuits, Redstone Torch, Compass, Clock, Dispenser, Note Block, Powered Rail, Detector Rail, Piston, Redstone Lamp
Rotten Flesh Dropped by zombies. Restores 2 food points but poisons you. Can be used to feed wolves without negative effects. Food
Sand Usually found near water and in desert biomes. Obeys the effect of gravity. Glass, Sandstone, TNT
Sapling Drops from tree leaves. Can be planted to make a new tree. Growing Trees, Furnace fuel
Seeds Found by punching tall grass. They are used to grow wheat. Used to attract and breed Chickens. Farming wheat
Slimeball Dropped from slimes. Sticky Pistons
Snow Appears in cold biomes. Grants one snowball when harvested with a shovel. Snow Block, Snowball
Snowball Can be thrown like eggs, doing no damage but some knockback. Does some damage to Blazes and the Enderdragon. Snow Block
Spawn Eggs Spawn eggs can be used to spawn almost all different types of creatures and monsters. They can be fired from a dispenser. Only available in Creative Mode. Spawning Creatures
Spider Eye Dropped from spiders. Fermented Spider Eye

Obtained from smelting a Wet Sponge. Sponge will remove water touching it in a 5x5x5 area around it. After absorbing water, it will turn back into a Wet Sponge.

Water removal
Steak Restores 4 food points. Food
String Dropped from spiders. Used as tripwire between two tripwire hooks. Bow, Fishing Rod, Wool
Stone Found when mining. Smelting cobblestone produces stone. Button, Pressure Plate, Slabs, Redstone Repeater, Redstone Comparator
Sugar Cane Grows next to water on dirt or sand blocks. Sugar, Paper
Vines Placeable on walls. Gather vines by cutting them with shears. You can climb up them when placed on a block. Decoration, Ladder
Wheat Farmed by planting seeds on fertile ground near water. Used to attract and breed Cows and Sheep. Bread, Cake, Cookies, Hay Bale
Wet Sponge

Has a chance to spawn in certain Ocean Monument rooms and drops from the Elder Guardian. Can be dried into Sponge by smelting in a furnace.

Wood Harvested from trees. There are three different kinds of wood (oak, birch and pine). Wooden Planks, Charcoal
Wool Sheared from sheep or made from string. Colored Wool, Painting, Bed, Carpet