Miscellaneous Items

Name Ingredients Crafting Description
Painting Sticks+Wool Used for decoration.
Sign Wooden Planks+Stick Shows text entered by the player.
Ladders Sticks Allows players to climb up and down.
Paper Sugar Cane Used to make books.
Book Papers Used to make a bookshelf.
Map Paper+Compass Documents explored areas. The map size can be increased by surrounding the map with paper in the crafting table.
Fence Sticks Used as a barrier that players and mobs are not able to jump over. Spiders can still climb over them and skeletons are able to shoot over them.
Fence Gates Wooden Planks+Sticks A gate for fences
Glass Panes Glass Thin glass used for windows.
Iron Bars Iron Ingots A thin block that connects to adjacent blocks, like Glass Panes. Naturally found in Strongholds and Villages.
Bed Wooden Planks+Wool Used to sleep at night. Resets the player's spawn point when used.
Gold Ingot Gold Nuggets Makes a gold bar.
Bottle Glass Used for brewing potions.
Blaze Powder Blaze Rod Used for Alchemy.
Magma Cream Slimeball + Blaze Powder Used for Alchemy.
Fermented Spider Eye Spider Eye + Brown Mushroom + Sugar Used for Alchemy.
Brewing Stand Blaze Rod + Cobblestone Used for brewing potions.
Enchantment Table Obsidian + Diamond + Book Enchants weapons, armor, and tools.
Cauldron Iron Stores water.
Eye of Ender Ender Pearl+ Blaze Powder Restores Ender Portal Frames. Throwing them will point you to the nearest stronghold.
Glistering Melon Melon Slice+ Gold Nugget Used in potions.
Fire Charge Blaze Powder + Coal+ Gunpowder Places fire where clicked. Acts like a Ghast's fireball without explosive damage.
Ender Chest Obsidian + Eye of Ender The contents of an Ender Chest are shared across all Ender Chests throughout the world and other dimensions.
Book and Quill Ink Sac + Book+ Feather This allows you to write text in a book for players to read. The book can be up to 50 pages long with 256 characters per page.
Beacon Obsidian + Glass + Nether Star When placed on top of a pyramid made of diamond, emerald, gold or iron blocks, it casts a beam of light down from the sky. It will provide buffs to players near it.
Anvil Iron Ingot + Block of Iron Allows players to repair and rename items as well as combining enchants. Anvils have gravity and cause damage when they fall.
Flower Pot Bricks A decorative block that holds saplings, mushrooms, cacti, flowers, ferns and dead bushes.
Cobblestone Walls Cobblestone or Moss Stone Acts similar to fences.
Item Frame Sticks + Leather Displays items on a wall. Right click the frame to place the item in your hand in the frame.
Carrot on a Stick Fishing Rod + Carrot Used to control saddled pigs.
Firework Star Gunpowder + Dye (any) + (Optional) Diamond, Glowstone Dust, Fire Charge, Gold Nugget, Feather or Head

Firework Stars determine the shape and color of firework rockets. The dye determines the color of the rocket, and each item has a different effect. Multiple dyes can be used and crafting a dye with a firework star produces a fade color.

  • Diamond = Trail
  • Glowstone Dust = Twinkle
  • Fire Charge = Large Ball
  • Gold Nugget = Star
  • Feather = Burst
  • Head = Creeper shape
Firework Rocket (Optional) Firework Star + Paper + Gunpowder (1-3) The firework star gives the rocket an explosive effect. Up to three gunpowder can be added, and the amount added affects the height of the rocket. They are triggered by right-clicking them when placed, or triggering a dispenser.
Carpet Wool Carpet is as thick as a pressure plate and can be used to decorate floors more efficiently than wool. Both blocks must be the same color, and carpet comes in all of the color variations.
Stained Glass Pane Stained Glass Colored glass panes.
Leather Rabbit Hide Obtained from killing Cows and Horses or crafting 4 Rabbit Hides. It is used to make the first tier of armor as well as Books and Item Frames.