Name Ingredients Crafting Description
Bowl Wooden Planks Used to hold mushroom stew. Can be reused.
Mushroom Stew Red Mushroom+Brown Mushroom+Bowl Restores 4 food points.
Bread Wheat Restores 2.5 food points.
Sugar Sugar Cane Used for cake.
Cake Wheat+Sugar+Egg+Milk Restores 1 food point per use. Useable 6 times.
Cookie Wheat+Cocoa Beans Restores 0.5 food points.
Melon Seeds Melon Slices Plant more melons
Golden Apple Gold Nuggets+Apple Restores 2 food points and increases health regen for 4s.
Enchanted Golden Apple Golden Blocks + Apple The old Golden Apple recipe now makes an Enchanted Golden Apple, which restores 2 food points and gives you Regeneration IV (0:30), Fire Resistance (5:00) and Damage Resistance (5:00).
Golden Carrot Gold Nuggets + Carrot Restores 3 food points. Used to brew Potion of Night Vision.
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin + Sugar + Egg Restores 4 food points.
Rabbit Stew Cooked Rabbit + Carrot + Baked Potato + Mushroom (any) + Bowl Obtained by crafting a Mushroom, Cooked Rabbit, Carrot, Baked Potato and a Bowl. The bowl is not consumed when eaten, and it does not stack.

Name Food Points Restored Effect Obtained by
Cake 1 per use (6 total) - Crafting
Mushroom Stew 4 - Crafting
Cooked Porkchop 4 - Cooking a raw porkchop
Killing a Zombie Pigman
Killing a Pig that's on fire
Steak 4 - Cooking raw beef
Killing a Cow that's on fire
Pumpkin Pie 4 - Crafting
Cooked Chicken 3 - Cooking raw chicken
Killing a chicken that's on fire
Golden Carrot 3 - Crafting
Cooked Salmon 3 - Cooking a Raw Salmon
Cooked Mutton 3 - Cooking raw mutton
Killing a sheep that's on fire
Cooked Rabbit 2.5 - Cooking raw rabbit
Killing a rabbit that's on fire
Baked Potato 2.5 - Cooking potatoes
Bread 2.5 - Crafting
Found in dungeon chests
Cooked Fish 2.5 - Cooking a raw fish
Golden Apple 2 Provides very fast health regeneration for 4 seconds Crafting and found in dungeon chests
Enchanted Golden Apple 2 Provides health regen for 30 seconds + Fire Resistance (5:00) + Damage Resistance (5:00) Crafting and found in dungeon chests
Apple 2 - Found in strongholds
Found when destroying leaves
Rotten Flesh 2 75% to inflict food poisoning Dropped by zombies
Carrot 1.5 - Found in villages
Raw Porkchop 1.5 - Drops from pigs
Raw Beef 1.5 - Dropped by cows
Raw Rabbit 1.5 - Dropped by rabbits
Raw Mutton 1 - Dropped by sheep
Raw Fish 1 - Fishing
Raw Salmon 1 - Fishing
Melon Slice 1 - Harvested from melon blocks
Raw Chicken 1 30% chance to inflict food poisoning Dropped by chickens
Poisonous Potato 1 60% chance to deal 2 hearts of damage Rarely found when harvesting potatoes
Spider Eye 1 100% chance to inflict poison Drops from spiders
Potato 0.5 - Found in villages
Cookie 0.5 - Crafting
Pufferfish 0.5 Hunger III & Nausea II for 15 seconds, Poison IV for 1 minute Fishing